Friday, June 19, 2009

Russell can't do yoga now for a while - previously unpublished cont.

Russell got hurt by one of his rich people doctors last month, so bad he got an infection, in his hand from a routine blood test. So bad it fucked up tendons in his hand to the point of extreme pain and they had to operate! So now he's wearing a cast on his hand and some other shit on his arm that my wife says makes him look like a Transformer! Not only that, he's got an assistant who's got to help him get dressed and send text messages for him!

So anyway here was a chance to share a previously unpublished photo I took of my boy Russ on his roof top back in the mid 90's some time. (This was actually an apartment that he originally bought from Cher, that I think Chastity used to live in as well, or maybe it was just Elijah Blue, I don't know for sure, just mentioned that since they've been in the news recently with some interesting talk of surgery themselves).

Here's another shot of Russ with Run, Jam Master Jay and DMC, taken around 1985 or '86 during the shooting of "Tougher Than Leather"