Tuesday, June 9, 2009

SCREAM - another underrated group from the 80's

Scream were one of the many incredible bands that came out on Dischord in the early 80's. The Stahl brothers Pete (singer) and Franz (lead guitar) were the heart of this band, with a lot of integrity and originality, that had a few different members at different times, notably Skeeter Thompson (bass), and later, Dave Grohl in their last incarnation who eventually joined Nirvana, etc.. It was actually this last incarnation that at one point in 1990 or so had me trying to start my own major label distributed record label. There were problems and it never happened, but the demo we were shopping around was eventually released by Dischord a few years later as their last album, Fumble.

Here are a few of my favorite classics off their debut LP "Still Screaming"

from the Dischord site:
Baileys Crossroads, Virginia lays just a few miles outside of DC, but in the 1980s it was apparently far enough to make it seem like a different world. The Virginia suburbs suddenly stepped up with the formation of Scream. There were punk shows being thrown in the basement of the Scream House, and the DC bands, always looking for a place to play, were making the trek out to what was known as 'BXR'. Scream, like most of the bands in DC, obviously had been extremely influenced by the Bad Brains, but they seemed to be more advanced musicians and had more of a rock and roll sensibility than the others. In 1982, they went into Inner Ear Studio with Ian and Eddie to record Dischord's first full length album, Still Screaming.

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