Saturday, June 6, 2009

I love the Beatles, and just don't play video games.

But this video game "trailer" released about the upcoming Beatles "Rockband" looks cool as hell. I can't imagine the game itself being this cool and dynamic, but what the fuck do i know about video games? (not much if anything-someone clue me in if you feel like it).
If you're one of those people who enjoys the music of the Beatles, then prepare for your head to explode. This gorgeous animated video is the one that'll play when you put upcoming video game The Beatles: Rock Band into your Xbox, Playstation, or Wii this September (watch it bigger here). You know how every fall they blame low TV ratings on people skipping shows to play video games? That will definitely happen again this year.

(hit the full screen view button on the right to watch it here or got to the link above and see the sharper version there)

(from New York magazine - - Thanks, Luke)


  1. Wow. I have no idea what the game "rockband" is about. Moreover, I bristle at the thought of music being used to shill video games. I hate all that "Guitar Hero" bullshit. But like you said -- it's an impressive clip.

  2. Why not integrate video games and music? So many people would love to play music, or would love to be good enough to play for large audiences, but most don't get the opportunity. Instead of playing air guitar and pretending to hammer skins, you can do it through a game without having people tell you to stop because of your lack of talent.

    If you don't take it seriously and just play it, you'll discover you're having fun.

  3. great clip, wish i'd been involved. do we need more pseudo experiences in our lives tho? when the power goes off and one's left holding a hunk of chinese plastic with no learnin' been had.

  4. I know this post is old, but some in-game footage has just been released. Maybe this will help you decide if you're into this game or not. Then again, it will more than likely be playable at every Best Buy locale in the nation come September.