Thursday, June 4, 2009

What the?

Praying man gets tazed by police and escapes...
(This certainly wasn't in Los Angeles or New York)

Two police officers pin a man to the ground and try to handcuff him. The man wriggles and prays to Yahweh. Eventually, one of the officers shoots him with a Tazer, which instead of subduing the man, gives him the strength to break free and run away.
(thanks BoingBoing)


  1. I'm gonna go with Canada. Two reasons:
    1 - the emphasis when he says 'ag-ain-st'.
    2 - the fact that in the US, that cop's knee would've been on his head or neck, and after about 30 seconds, there'd have been at least 4 more in the frame.
    Don't doubt the power!

  2. Right on, man! Down with the King. I love the cops explanation for arresting him, "Doesn't matter."